Yacht Lighting UK London

Lighting & AV/IT Design

Yacht lighting in the UK, London, Heseltine Design Ltd.

Yacht Lighting UK London

Light Fittings & Arrangement

Step into a world where light becomes a brushstroke, painting ambiance and allure within maritime havens. Heseltine Design Ltd’s Yacht Interior Design invites you to explore the artistry of lighting elements, where illumination transcends function, becoming a symphony that dances upon every surface and corner.

Lighting extends beyond aesthetics, converging with AV/IT to orchestrate seamless experiences. We meticulously design lighting schemes that harmonise with the vessel’s character, illuminating spaces with precision and elegance. From ambient glows that set the mood to integrated AV/IT systems that enhance connectivity, every element is woven into the fabric of design, enveloping you in a sensory journey.

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yacht lighting uk london speaker subwoofer arragnement heseltine design ltd

Yacht Lighting UK London

Speaker & Subwoofer Arrangement

Meticulously positioned for optimal acoustics, this arrangement envelops living spaces in captivating soundscapes. From tranquil evenings to vibrant gatherings, the system seamlessly integrates with your interiors, enriching each moment with harmonious melodies that echo the elegance of the sea.

Yacht Lighting UK London

Lighting Scenes

Crafting a visual journey, each scene infuses spaces with character. From intimate evenings to vibrant celebrations, these scenes are choreographed to embrace the vessel’s elegance. Illuminating your yacht’s interiors with artful precision, they create an enchanting backdrop that adapts to every mood, turning every moment into an immersive experience.

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