Yacht Furniture Designers UK London

Materials, Finishes, Loose Items & Artwork Selection

Yacht furniture designers in the UK, London, Heseltine Ltd.

Yacht Furniture Designers UK London

Wall, Floor, Ceiling & Joinery Finishes

Wall, floor, ceiling and joinery finishes become strokes of sophistication. Each surface is curated with precision, reflecting your vision. With attention to detail, these finishes elevate your onboard experience, enveloping you in an ambiance that’s both captivating and comforting.

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Yacht Furniture Designers UK London

Loose Furniture Selection & Furniture Fabrics

Each selection is a careful choreography of durability and allure, ensuring that every surface, from flooring to panelling, resonates with both your vision and the maritime environment.

Yacht Furniture Designers UK London

Artwork & Decorative Finishes

These curated details infuse spaces with character, reflecting your style. From captivating sculptures to exquisite textiles, each piece harmonises aesthetics with your vision, turning cabins and lounges into galleries of maritime luxury.

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