Luxury Yacht Designers UK London


Luxury yacht designers in the UK, London, Heseltine Design Ltd.

Luxury Yacht Designers UK London

Paints, Metals, Window & Porthole Glass

Paints, metals, window and porthole glass selections are meticulously curated, embracing durability and aesthetics. The palette of colours and materials harmonises with the vessel’s character, crafting an exterior that’s both visually captivating and resilient against the elements of the open waters.

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Luxury Yacht Designers UK London

Furniture Fabrics

Every choice, from outdoor lounges to deck seating, marries elegance with durability. Fabric selections are curated to withstand maritime conditions, enhancing comfort and style. With an eye for texture and color, we ensure that your outdoor spaces exude opulence and weather the elements with grace.

Luxury Yacht Designers UK London

Artwork & Decorative Finishes

In the world of yacht exterior design, beauty extends beyond structural form, finding its crescendo in the delicate touch of finishes and aesthetics. We invite you to explore a realm where surfaces become canvases, and every hue and texture is a stroke of maritime elegance.

Each vessel is a symphony of surfaces and our design process refines these into harmonious masterpieces. Finishes are meticulously curated, from resilient coatings that brave the elements to luxurious textures that invite touch. With an eye for durability and a commitment to luxury, we ensure that every finish resonates with the vessel’s character and your aspirations.

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